Usage:DupFinder [-r] [-i] [-tn] [-wn] [-ffile] [-efile] filemask [filemask]
r: recurse
i: instrument times
t: set threshold to a number >= 1
w: set first line width to a number >= 1
f: focus on file
e: Exclude file name
x: Exclude lines with prefix
o: output as XML
filemask: a file name, or a wildcard, e.g. "*.cs"

r: Recurse Find files that match the filemask in current directory and subdirectories. The default mode is just look in the current directory.
e.g. Dupfinder -r *.cs

i: Instrument Give data on how long the operations take
e.g. Dupfinder -i *.cs

t: Threshold The threshold is the number of consecutive lines that have to be the same before it is considered a duplicate. The Default value is 5.
e.g. Dupfinder -t10 *.cs

w: Width The first line of a duplicate must contain at least this many non-white-space characters. The default value is 2.
e.g. Dupfinder -w3 *.cs

f: Focus If this argument is given, all other files will be compared only to this file, and not to each other. Give the name of one file that is included in the filemask.
e.g. Dupfinder -fMyClass.cs *.cs

The default mode is to compare all files to all other files. The focus setting is useful when working with one file in a large project - full compare can be too slow, and produce results that are not relevant to the file of interest.

o: Output as XML If this argument is given, the output will be as XML. Must be followed by either a file name where output will be written or the word "Console" to send output to the console. Output to an XML file is useful for producing a continuous integration server build report.
e.g. Dupfinder -oDuplicateLog.xml *.cs

x: exclude Exclude lines starting with the given prefix. No duplicate will be matched where the first line starts with this string. Note that spaces can be included in this string if it is quoted. This argument can be used multiple times.
e.g. Dupfinder -x"using System." *.cs

e: Exclude Exclude files of this name. Give the file name without the path. This argument can be used multiple times.
e.g. Dupfinder -eAssemblyInfo.cs *.cs

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